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Star Wars fans, Star Wars games, Star Wars community... did we mention Star Wars? The Star Wars Rebellion Network  
SW:Rebellion Network

Welcome to SWRebellion!

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  SWR Forums Migrated
SWR Technical News I am very excited to announce the the SWR Forums have been migrated to Invision Community Suite and we are now live! While we have a ways to go to get our entire site migrated to that platform, if you click on the Forums link, or go to (http://forums.swrebellion.com) you will now be redirected to https://swrebellion.net/forums/. Please note that all topics, posts, user accounts and group memberships have also been migrated.

If you had an account over here that you have had trouble getting into, you should be able to sign in over there and reset your password. If your email address has changed, please hop into our Discord channel and ping the @STAFF group for assistance.

If you happen on a broken link, please DM me on Discord. We're working on a bug that is the result of the database conversion, so rather than clicking on a topic you see in the main forums index page, click on that specific forum it is in, then select the topic and it will open for you. A minor detail, but we hope to get it fixed shortly.

Posted by Stratus on Monday, November 22 2021 @ 22:05:18 UTC
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  Forum DB Conversion Scheduled
SWR Technical News It's happening! We have raised the funds necessary for our second milestone, this coming week Invision technicians will be converting our forums and member database to our new home. When this is completed, we will begin re-creating content/pages from this site to the new one, along with card files and downloads. Our site may be taken offline during this conversion. Thank you for your contributions so far! Our next milestone and fundraising will go towards the server and theme design for the new website/forums.
Posted by Stratus on Sunday, November 21 2021 @ 07:05:18 UTC
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  Website Upgrade/Migration Fundraiser
News from Stratus Thank you everyone for your recent donations. PayPal has notified us that they are ending the Money Pools program on October 30th, 2021. This means that donations will no longer be fee-free. PayPal has launched its replacement for Money Pools, the Generosity Network. Fundraiser campaigns are limited to 30 days and each transaction has a fee of 2.89% + $0.49.

We encourage you to donate over the next 24 hours to help us reach our goal and so the full amount arrives to us. You can do this at https://swrebellion.link/donate2swr or scan the QR code below, which will take you to our PayPal money pool.

Our current fundraiser campaign with milestone tracking can be found at https://swrebellion.link/fundraiser.

You can view our current donor records at https://swrebellion.link/donations.

Posted by Stratus on Friday, October 29 2021 @ 07:05:18 UTC
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  The Next Chapter for SWR
News from Stratus Our website was last updated in the early 2000's. The software is no longer compatible with latest server technology and most browsers cringe when trying to load our pages. We have suffered many cyberattacks and we have many database integrity issues.

Our next chapter for our site will be to upgrade to Invision Community Suite ( invisioncommunity.com). We need to raise the $600 to purchase the self-hosted license (all modules except commerce).

We also need to raise $1800 to pay the Invision team to manually migrate our database, as it is too old and broken to be automatically converted. I have also factored in some server software licenses and backup solutions in our goal to raise $3,000. I have created a SWRebellion Website Upgrade & Migration Pool on PayPal which is locked from our normal operational costs/spending and strictly for website migration funds.

Visit https://paypal.me/pools/c/8xccEnHO78 to contribute today

Every little bit helps! Thank you for being a part of this community!
Posted by Stratus on Monday, March 15 2021 @ 21:51:38 UTC
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  New Network Policies
SWR Technical News In order to satisfy various laws regarding the web in North America and Europe, we have established/updated and posted the following policies which will apply to all services and websites provided by the SWRebellion Network, StarWars-IRC NetworkGalaxyServer, Star Wars Gamers Association (non-registered/non-profit entity not affiliated with Disney/LucasFilm). (Star Wars(R) is a registered trademark of LucasFilm, Ltd.)

By accessing any website on our server and/or submitting content you agree to be bound by the following policies which are applicable to you and your use. 

Posted by Stratus on Saturday, April 25 2020 @ 06:54:28 UTC
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  New Official SWRebellion Discord Server
Rebellion News Technology has advanced yet again to allow us to better communicate with one another, though we still continue to play this longtime favorite game.

Join here to find opponents, talk strategy, get some technical support, and resolve issues with multiplayer connections.

We'd also love for everyone in our community who is (and isn't) still around to join our Discord server, so we can stay in touch with one another, as it is much easier this way, and much more reliable. We can keep each other up to date and in the loop on things and exchange tips, ideas, even play games together online as well.

It looks slim in this picture, but the number is growing slowly, but surely.
Update by Praetor Pyro: We now have well over 700 active users discussing SWR, looking for games, and even getting things working in the game. -Praetor Pyro, April 25th, 2020

Our newest staff member, PraetorPyro, has been been running it for quite some time. He has also run a YouTube channel dedicated to SWRebellion. There, he gives a lot of tips and tricks to the game on there.

We still ask that you continue to submit tickets to our help desk for issues pertaining to our website, server, e-mail services, etc. at http://help.swrebellion.com or by e-mailing help @ swrebellion.com You may if you wish join the Discord channel and speak with a Staff member and they can help create the ticket for you, and if the right person is online perhaps resolve your issue as well.
Posted by Stratus on Sunday, September 02 2018 @ 09:30:00 UTC
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  Forums Online -Posting Enabled
SWR Technical News Hello all - I didn't think this was possible but logins are now working and forum posting is enabled. So far now other part of the site is functioning properly, particularly the admin center which controls everything so other than manually posting news in the database directly, I don't have much to go on. Hopefully our new site will be coming online soon.
Posted by Stratus on Wednesday, April 01 2015 @ 23:48:07 UTC
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  SWR in READ ONLY MODE & Other Site News
SWR Technical News This announcement is long overdue, and I am having to use a direct database Insert query to post this. For reasons we cannot fathom, the SWR website and database became non-functional after a server to server transfer when we upgraded servers. As a result, no one is able to login, post, create accounts, retrieve passwords, etc. The site is stuck in READ ONLY mode, due to problems we and three contracted phpNuke coders have been unable to fix. We apologize for the inconvenience. Good news is you should be able to access all the content still.

On to new news, we have founded the Star Wars Gamers Association, with which we will be unleashing a new website that focuses on the modern releases of Star Wars Games, as well as old and new games in the Star Wars genre. We will be migrating our existing forums and their content to our new website (and pray that nothing goes wrong during that migration). We have hired a team of professional web designers and coders to work on the new website. We are excited to be moving forward and preserve this community. We thank you for your patience with us and hope to see you back again once the new website launches. Until then May the Force be with you!

-Ryan, Stratus, Evaders99, EvilleJedi, Keshaun, and the SWRebellion Network Staff
Posted by Stratus on Monday, October 20 2014 @ 05:43:07 UTC
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  Happy Holidays!
News from Stratus The staff and admin team at SWRebellion Network would like to wish everyone happiness, success, and love this holiday season.

Happy Holidays! and may the Force be with you!

-Ryan, Stratus, Evaders99, EvilleJedi and the SWRebellion Network Staff
Posted by Stratus on Monday, December 02 2013 @ 22:34:07 UTC
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  Star Citizen by Chris Roberts
News from Stratus It's been a while since we've seen a really cool Space Sim, and I am pleased to announce Star Citizen and Squadron 42 from the maker of Wing Commander, Freelancer, and many other cool PC games: Chris Roberts. Completely crowdfunded, to avoid any publisher or big company's agenda, Star Citizen is anticipated to launch in November 2014, with Alpha and Beta versions available to backers at undetermined dates. Please visit their website, at www.robertsspaceindustries.com/about-the-game/ . And if you are a gaming programmer, they are hiring for some positions at www.cloudimperiumgames.com .

Check out this awesome intro-video with in-game graphics:

Star Citizen Crowdfund Pitch - 720p from Roberts Space Industries on Vimeo.
Posted by Stratus on Sunday, July 07 2013 @ 00:35:35 UTC
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  Vote for Star Wars: Rebellion on GOG.com Wishlist
Rebellion News GOG.com, aka Good 'Ol Games has a variety of many longtime favorite classic games, for real cheap pricing that also allow compatibility with newer operating systems.

I would like to see Star Wars: Rebellion make it to the top of the community's wishlist. To vote now, create an account at www.gog.com and go to http://www.gog.com/wishlist/games/star_wars_rebellion and comment/vote.

Posted by Stratus on Monday, April 29 2013 @ 00:45:10 UTC
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  Webmaster's Mailing List
SWR Technical News Webmasters and domain owners,

If you are not yet on the SWR Server webmasters mailing list please send me an email or create a Helpdesk ticket for server news.
Posted by Stratus on Saturday, April 27 2013 @ 16:03:31 UTC
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  Server Recovery & Updates
SWR Technical News On April 17th, 2013, one of the hard drives on our RAID system failed, resulting in total connectivity loss. Working with the datacenter technicians, we were able to have the server brought up in rescue mode in which I backed up as much as was possible over command-line. Luckily, the datacenter technicians were able to swap out the bad hard drive and the RAID mirror was successfully established without loss of data. We apologize to the webmasters of the 31 domains we currently host for the inconvenience. The downtime resulted in the creation of a new Server Status news page hosted on a different server (so it will always be online, where our current Helpdesk site resides). You can check server status updates regardless of whether or not the server is offline at http://status.swrebellion.com/. You may also submit tickets to our helpdesk at http://help.swrebellion.com at any time.

The DNS servers which regulated swrebellion.com have been changed from the OpenSRS "Domains by SWRebellion" domain name servers (which control IP address and mail routing for our primary domain name) have moved to the RackSpace Cloud DNS servers, StableTransit.

For our customers who are hosted by us and have their own domain names, we encourage you to transfer your domain name to our own registrar, Domains by SWRebellion (http://domains.swrebellion.net). New domain names may also be registered there with competitive market pricing, and of course our personal customer service provided directly by myself, Evaders99, and EvilleJedi. This way we will be able to perform redirection to the status page when the server is down and automatically update your DNS server information when necessary.

 While transfer and registration of domain names through our registrar is highly recommended, it is not required. If you wish to continue hosting your domains with us, you must change your domain name servers through your current registrar to ns1.swrebellion.com and ns2.swrebellion.com. If you wish to use a different DNS server names such as navcomputer.net, eaglehosting.net, or eagledns.com, please let me know via the helpdesk and I will set these up for you. Additionally I can arrange for off-site hosting of your domain servers if required, as we have four different companies we contract with that make this service available to us for free.

If you wish to host email for your domain on our server, full featured options with webmail (AtMail or Horde), POP3/IMAP4, etc., are available. We can also assist you in setting up your domain with other mail server options hosted by Domains by SWRebellion, our domain registrar, Hotmail, Google Apps for Businesses, 1&1 email service, etc., some of which are fee-based and others are free. To inquire more please submit a Helpdesk ticket. If you have any questions, please submit them through your Hosting Sponsor (a member of our staff who set you up with web hosting), or submit a Helpdesk ticket. Thank you.

Jim Stratus
Technical Director

*We are looking for individuals who have skills in PHP or artistic and HTML coding capabilities to give some of our sites a facelift or fresh start including navcomputer.net, our Helpdesk site for SWR (using current graphics but editing the html around it to work), eaglehosting.net, eagledns.com, etc. Please submit a ticket through the helpdesk if you wish to volunteer your services in exchange for free webhosting on our dedicated server.

Posted by Stratus on Saturday, April 27 2013 @ 14:04:11 UTC
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  Sins of a Galactic Empire - R955 Rebellion 1.041 release
Star Wars Mods The next public release for Sins of a Galactic Empire, the Star Wars total conversion mod for Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion.

While none of the developers get paid, our SWRebellion server helps host our website, subversion repository, bug tracker, and other development tools. Consider donating to our Paypal (Paypal donate button is in middle-right of the page)

Esp thanks to Lavo for bringing it all together!
Posted by Evaders99 on Sunday, October 14 2012 @ 14:13:26 UTC
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  Server Move Completed
SWR Technical News This post is long overdue, but the server move has been completed. Recently an IP Address was deleted from our IP pool for some unknown reason and 24 of our hosted websites were sharing that IP. If your site, hosted by us, is or was down, please allow 24 hours for DNS changes to propogate as we have changed your IP address to one allotted to our pool. We are still working on updating other DNS entries that could not be changed automatically that must be done so manually.We have christened the new server as the Thrawn Server (with the Lando Server's retirement).

All hosting and ftp account passwords have been given a random password. If you have not received yours please contact admin at swrebellion dot com. 

We have joined forces with Luke from StarWars-iRC.net and have worked together to bring you a stable IRC network. For more information, visit http://www.starwars-irc.net. You may reach the IRC server with an IRC client at irc.starwars-irc.net or if your website is hosted by us, irc.<yourdomain>
Posted by Stratus on Monday, July 23 2012 @ 06:31:32 UTC
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  Server Move Planned - Temporary Stable Hosting Available to Clients During Trans
SWR Technical News We have a planned server migration / hardware upgrade coming up for the SWRebellion Network. We will eventually be retiring the Lando server and have the opportunity of christening a new server. We will keep all webmasters updated as best we can. This will likely be a three-month project with variable downtimes. We have partnered with Eagle Hosting to offer all clients with smaller websites 3 months (or however long our migration takes) of free cPanel hosting (different from our Plesk Hosting) on a Production Server. This is a limited time opportunity, and I highly recommend it until we are able to get up and running again, especially for those of you with smaller websites (traffic doesn't matter - only disk space does) as we have secured only a certain amount of total shared disk space for the migration period. For those of you interested in this opportunity, please
contact me immediately via email stratus at swrebellion dot net with your domain name and desired password. Please note you must already have a registered domain name and be a client of the SWRebellion Network to qualify. You may register a domain name for $15 at http://domains.swrebellion.com.

Please take advantage of this opportunity as it is of no cost to you. Only the domain will cost you if you don't have one or it is time to renew, you may keep your current domain registrar if you choose, though we recommend you transfer your domain to us at the address listed above.

Those of you with websites larger than 2 GB of disk space will need to remain on the Lando server until the transition to the new server (yet-to-be-named) takes place.

The move is long overdue and necessary, and we expect to have php 5.3 on the new server (what everyone has been asking for).
Posted by Stratus on Saturday, March 10 2012 @ 01:47:55 UTC
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  IRC Back up & Network Changes
News from Stratus
I would like to appraise you of some changes in the StarWars-IRC Network (SWIRC). The network is owned and maintained by Jeff Turkstra. The SWRebellion Network, which assumed management of the network in late 2011 has returned management to its primary owner, though Jeff aka Luke has agreed to allow our staff to be on his network staff. The Star Wars IRC Network now has 2 IRC servers in different physical locations. Bespin, which is owned and operated by Luke (Jeff Turkstra) and Thrawn which is owned and operated by the SWRebellion Network (owned by Evaders99 and managed by Stratus et. al.). We have moved back to UnrealIRCD and IRC Services. Services will be controlled by Jeff but we have been granted access to administer them as well. All network issues that should arise should be addressed to staff at starwars-irc dot net. The appropriate person will respond depending on the issue that occurs.

We'd like to thank Jeff Turkstra for his overwhelming support and understanding for our own server troubles, and his assistance. We are pleased to be linked to his network and once again be operating reliably.
Posted by Stratus on Monday, January 09 2012 @ 02:35:01 UTC
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  Sins of a Galactic Empire - 2.0E RELEASE
Star Wars Mods Here it is: the biggest release for Sins of a Galactic Empire 2.0E, the Star Wars total conversion mod for Sins of a Solar Empire.

This is all thanks to Lavo, NovaCameron, sloosecannon - contributions by Warb_Null, GoaFan77, many others. Thanks guys!

Two new racees, lots of abilities and bug fixes, more maps and scenario. Pretty epic release.

And looking forward, more frequently release of patches, hopefully Rebellion expansion compatibility and more.

For those in the beta test: you always get the most frequent development version. You do not need to redownload to play (although if you have a friend using 2.0E, you may want to do so to match checksums)

While none of the developers get paid, our SWRebellion server helps host our website, subversion repository, bug tracker, and other development tools. Consider donating to our Paypal (Paypal donate button is in middle-right of the page)
Posted by Evaders99 on Wednesday, January 04 2012 @ 15:48:27 UTC
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  Star Wars: The Old Republic - TOR: Sith Empire Guild
Star Wars News Anyone playing? I have my preorder ready to go. Going to start a casual Sith Empire guild...
Let's get together on the forums
Posted by Evaders99 on Saturday, December 10 2011 @ 17:50:51 UTC
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  IRC Network Re-Launches
SWR Technical News I am pleased to announce the launch of the StarWars-IRC Network by SWRebellion, the official IRC Network of the SWRebellion Network.

It is currently accessible via the following addresses:

thrawn.starwars-irc.net (Irc.starwars-irc.net

Key Channels:

#eotir - Era of the Imperial Republic RPG OOC channel (www.eotir.com)
#linux - Network Linux Room
#starwars - Network Main Channel
#help - IRC Network Help Channel

New Staff:

Hope to see you there!
Posted by Stratus on Wednesday, August 03 2011 @ 19:37:05 UTC
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